I Need Someone to Look Up To

I want to see and be one of the good guys. Better yet, how about a great Woman! In a world that is consumed with social media 'perfection-ism' and television shows that market to people who call themselves gladiators. The world is more concerned about adulterous relationships and reality tv of fake situations. I feel dazed and confused. Am I supposed to be impressed and imitate what I see? Do you need someone to look up to, #METOO.

Where are the real leaders of this country when the most powerful man of the free word can "grab a woman by the p**sy and there are no ramifications. We now live in a time and place when historical figures that raised us as children (like Fat Albert, Little Bill, & The Cosby Show) now can be accused of raping multiple women, and no response from that individual! True or not, the damage is done. There goes another icon or role model destroyed, I used to look up to!

And then to speak of a generation that is afraid of the very people we are suppose to look up to...police. Heaven forbid if you’re the wrong skin color or in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time and you live in fear of your life. I need someone to look up to.

Life is scary and sometimes we just need a person, a good guy or a great woman that we can look up to. A person that says they are not perfect but I can trust their integrity, their love of people and a passion to see the world in a better light!

Sometimes I Need Someone to Look Up To!  Perhaps that person is a good guy or better yet a great woman, perhaps its you.