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Women! We are the essence of life. Women are creators of ideas, dreams and hopes. We support and give more than we are sometime aware of. So now it's time to give back to yourself and other women who need more out of life.

To MOTIVATE is to provide yourself with a motive for doing something. To prompt, drive, move, inspire, stimulate, influence, activate, impel, push, propel, spur (on).

To EMPOWER is to give yourself the authority or power to do something. To authorize, entitle, permit, allow, license, sanction, warrant, commission, delegate, qualify, enable, equip.

To EXCEL is to be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or task. To shine, be excellent, be outstanding, be skillful, be talented, be preeminent, reign supreme, stand out, be the best, be unparalleled, be unequaled, be second to none, be unsurpassed or to surpass, outdo, outshine, outclass, beat, top, transcend, exceed, better, pass, eclipse.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

ME & WE, Inc., was founded by Sonya Sloan, M.D. in November of 2007. With huge success of its first Seminar in November 2009, the organization was incorporated and became a 501(c)3 in April of 2011. On December 31, 2019 after 10 years of successful impact and influence, the organization will take a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

ME&WE, Inc. mission was to Motivate and Empower Women to Excel through Economic Empowerment, Health Awareness, and Spiritual Enrichment. This organization believes when a Woman is Motivated and Empowered (ME), she can and will help other Women to Excel (WE). The circle of self-motivation and self-empowerment will in turn positively impact other Women in their communities and society as a whole.

Meet the Founder


Sonya Sloan, M.D.