Teen Leadership

Our philanthropic and educational programs known as “TEEN Leadership Summit”, collaborates with businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit communities to help impact our young women by broadening their horizon through technology, literacy, mentoring, and valuable resources. Our focus for our teen programs is to instill in every young woman self- acceptance, self- love, self- worth, self-esteem and self- restoration. Our programs are held in safe environments that are conducive to learning with structured fun activities in a safe and clean facility in the absence of their parents.

Our annual TEEN Leadership Summit provides resources to young women regarding our three pillars: Economic Empowerment, Health Awareness, and Spiritual Enrichment. This event usually take place during April-June each year reaching 100+ students.


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To impact the lives of young woman by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through life tools. The program focuses on the nine core values: honesty, integrity, teamwork, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment.


This program focuses on reaching frequently ignored populations of children in urban cities who otherwise would be unable to obtain resources due to difficult circumstances, such as children who may have a parent who is incarcerated, single parent home, and foster care.  This program inspires vision and leadership in young women, giving them the skills to succeed in their lives and to be leaders in their communities.

Participants develop interpersonal and self-management skills, learn to set goals and experience the dynamics of group and community interaction. They also develop a sense of social responsibility that has given many young women the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of volunteering and mentoring.


Our mentors work with the young women, from pre-teen through the completion of high school, to support them through all-important formative years. Students participate in intensive leadership training program for girls, and volunteers are asked to commit to the students they’re matched with. To practice their new skills that they develop and execute projects.


These distinctively difficult circumstances make it substantially harder for these children to achieve basic life goals, decrease their odds to succeed in life, and accentuate their need for one-to-one support and direction. Volunteers can help change the odds for these children by becoming a community-based or location-based mentor and/or by providing a financial contribution that would support a mentoring match.

WE would like:

  • Partner with more Schools
  • Partner with more Businesses
  • Increase Financial Contribution
  • Gain more Volunteers