Our goal is to bring WOMEN who are making a difference in the world to our audience to MOTIVATE and EMPOWER using their personal accomplishments.  WE guarantee all attendees will receive a wealth of information and a desire to make a difference. Our formats are informative and expressive, helping WOMEN build confidence and self-esteem.

Our programs facilitate training and workshops to develop, educate, support, mentor, and Empower Women and young ladies. WE offer Leadership Training, Inspirational and Career Webinars which will include facilitators addressing: financial education and planning, health awareness and inspiration, self-esteem enrichment.


We will offer comprehensive career seminars that will expose Women and young ladies to an array of careers in the work force that will ultimately Empower Women and young ladies in their career endeavors.

Our organization prides ourselves on providing outreach services such as; volunteering, donation (food, toys and clothes) and gifts to families facing adversities. At our annual seminars WE encourage our supporters to give back by participating in our efforts to pay if forward for other WOMEN.

2017 ME&WE Seminar