About Us

ME & WE, Inc.
is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as passionate advocates to inspire Women through
Economic Empowerment
Health Awareness, and
Spiritual Enrichment.

This organization believes when a Woman is Motivated and Empowered (ME) she can and will help other Women to Excel (WE) . The circle of self-Motivation and self-Empowerment will in turn positively impact other Women in their communities and society as a whole.  Our organization delivers personal and professional development programs such as Great Minds Think Alike (for Business Entrepreneurs), Annual Empowerment Seminars, Leadership Training for Teen Girls, Inspirational Webinars, and Health related Social Media dialogues. ME &WE, Inc. specifically designs programs to enable Women to master their leadership skills and achieve visibility within the business community.
Our philanthropic and educational programs, collaborate with businesses, educational entities, and nonprofit organizations to inspire and promote an independent and powerful Woman. We believe that every Woman deserves to be enriched with knowledge to maintain a balanced life. Our goal is to help Women build confidence and self-esteem; and as a result ME&WE Inc. builds a sisterhood that crosses all cultures and nationalities.

“WOMEN pour into everyone else and leave little for themselves.
WE believe that every WOMAN deserves to be
Motivated and Empowered, which in turn will benefit
families, communities and society as a whole.” 

-Dr. Sonya Sloan, Founder & Executive Director